(Muli verse, Rp, Indie) Hello I'm Even Slender. If i dont like you go away. You can talk to me if you like but just don't be surprised if i try to kill you. I've killed alot of people before but only been arrested 6 times certin people bail me out. I'm on the run right now so if you tell anyone where i am you will be one of my victoms. And that's a promise. But however if i get along with you we can have alot of fun. (BTW Mostly Friends with benifits) Another fact is i mostly don't like whores!
-OPEN- Rainy day

Evan walked thru the park wondering around. He still couldn’t believe what his now ex girlfriend did. It started raining but he didn’t care. He sat on the swing crying. He already had his heart broken before and this is the second time.

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    Evan nodded and gave a small thanks before heading to the bathroom. He slid the clothes on and went back to Niall....
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    Niall smiled, “Down the hall second door on your right.”
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    Madison handed him the towel, her wrist facing up. She cringed and flipped her arm around quickly. “Sorry..” she...