(Muli verse, Rp, Indie) Hello I'm Even Slender. If i dont like you go away. You can talk to me if you like but just don't be surprised if i try to kill you. I've killed alot of people before but only been arrested 6 times certin people bail me out. I'm on the run right now so if you tell anyone where i am you will be one of my victoms. And that's a promise. But however if i get along with you we can have alot of fun. (BTW Mostly Friends with benifits) Another fact is i mostly don't like whores!

Evan growled at a person as they held someone up against a brick wall. Someone fragile and looked breakable compared to the dude. Evan stomped in the alleyway pulling out his gun. He usually doesn’t save people just kills but something felt different. Evan shot the dude making him fall to his knees letting go of the person. “You alright?” Evan asked putting the gun in his pocket and gripping the persons wrist.

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    She smiles at him as she curls up close to him, feeling the warmth of his body on her’s.
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    Evan smiled. “Yeah but it’s true.” He shrugged.